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The Olympian Riviera is one of the fascinating destinations in Greece. Home to the Olympic Games that were born in Ancient Olympia, it attracts world attention every four years when the Olympic flame is lit up on the holy ground of the archaeological site just like it used to thousands of years ago. The Olympic flame radiates the eternal glow of peace and freedom to humanity.

With a rich history, heritage and natural beauty, the Olympian Land is unquestionably one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

The Olympian Village Resort is privileged to be part of this beautiful area. Its proximity to the top attractions of the Achaia, Ilia, and Messinia regions makes it the perfect place to explore the Peloponnese peninsula.

Situated on the Golden Olympian Riviera, the Olympian Village Resort sees crimson sunsets and endless sandy beaches. From Arkoudi to Kourouta and from Glyfa to Zacharo, picture-perfect long sandy beaches are a unique natural backdrop for unforgettable holidays by the sea in Greece.

Whether you are a couple on your honeymoon or travelling solo with your family or friends, the Olympian Land will take you by surprise with its endless opportunities to discover and taste something new every day.

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